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Our Storm Damage Experts Can Save Your South Lake Tahoe Home

9/3/2019 (Permalink)

flood waters pooling on the concrete floor When a flood damages your home, count on SERVPRO. We are Here to Help.

Storm Damage In South Lake Tahoe Is Not What You See On TV

Most storm flood damage is much milder than the massive natural disasters that you might occasionally see on television. While professional damage mitigation companies like SERVPRO stay prepared to deal with situations that bad, you probably do not need to worry about such drastic damages happening to your home. Here are a few of the more common problems that might happen in your home after a flood.

Damaged Carpeting and Flooring
One of the most popular reasons why owners in South Lake Tahoe with flood damage call up SERVPRO is to help deal with the effects that flooding can have on their floor materials. The floors of your home are not designed to be submerged underwater and soaked through, so when a flood strikes, these materials may warp in unexpected ways. Carpeting tends to shrink and warp when drying out and typically requires full replacement after a storm flood. Other materials like tile and wood typically do not need to be replaced but may require some specialty restorative treatments.

Baseboard Damage
Many local homes have baseboards on the bottoms of most or all of their interior walls. During a flood, these can start to shrink, bend, or become discolored. If the water becomes deep enough, similar types of damage can happen to wallpaper and paint on the walls themselves. Depending on how quickly we arrive after the disaster, we can typically reverse most of the damaging effects done to baseboards in your house.

Mold Growth
Perhaps the most important reason to call SERVPRO immediately after a flood is to stop mold from growing in your home. Fungal spores can spread whenever they have both a food source and sufficient levels of moisture, and the average flood provides them with both of these things. While we can remove and sanitize mold damage after it happens, the more straightforward solution is often to remove the water before spores get the chance to grow. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster to set up drying equipment that cuts off the water supply and stops mold damage in its tracks.

SERVPRO of Carson City / Douglas County / South Lake Tahoe is committed to helping you overcome flood damage quickly and at as low of a cost as possible. Call us 24/7 at (775) 588-2355.

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We Arrive As Soon As Possible To Restore Your Lake Tahoe Home

8/8/2019 (Permalink)

We arrive right away to minimize secondary damages to the sub flooring or other permanent building materials after water damage hits.

My Coffee Beans Are Soaking Wet!

South Lake Tahoe has the benefit of being a year-round destination. Whether people arrive to enjoy summertime activities or to visit the slopes, South Lake Tahoe is virtually guaranteed to be a good time. This year-round approach is also great for coffee shops catering to visitors, serving snacks and beverages as people drive to their selected activity for the day. Having to close down because a water main broke and flooded your shop means not only a loss in revenue but also an opportunity for customers to take their loyalty to a competing store. 

Water damage in South Lake Tahoe does not have to be all doom and gloom. By placing a quick call to SERVPRO at our 24/7 hotline, you can quickly turn your coffee shop around and put the water damage behind you. Our crew of technicians trains specifically to handle emergencies such as yours, even when restoration includes food product and health department regulations. Like you, we aim to mitigate your loss in time and money so you can continue to reap the benefits of your hard work as soon as possible. 

Moving swifly when there is water damage is crucial to minimizing the time in which your coffee drinks are not available to your patrons. Even before our SERVPRO team arrives, you can start the restoration process by taking the steps below. 

-Identify the source of the problem and get the water leak under control 

-Separate dry items from those affected by the water and keep them apart 

-Bring in fans, air circulators and any other water absorbing tools you might have 

-Prop up any furniture immersed in standing water, so it does not absorb any more moisture 

When our SERVPRO water restoration technicians (WRT) arrive, you could see us use several water extraction methods. For larger volumes, we use our truck-mounted pump, while smaller volumes may warrant handheld wand technology or even injectidry technology. As we go about our job, we closely monitor humidity levels until we reach optimal readings. Controlling humidity is especially important if your coffee shop boasts hardwood floors or wooden furniture that could buckle due to excess moisture. 

SERVPRO of Carson City/Douglas County/ South Lake Tahoe is your ally for water cleanup and restoration. Call us at  (775) 588-2355 and let us leave your coffee shop “Like it never even happened.” 

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Our Technicians Discuss The Equipment We Use To Save Your Fire Damaged Home In Carson City

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

Both the heat and flames created by an inferno can cause you extensive fire damage.

Fire Damage Experts In Carson City Talk About Equipment Used To Remove Soot And Burnt Material

If something ever happens to burn inside your Carson City residence, many items inside your house can get ruined in a short period. Both the heat and flames created by an inferno can cause you extensive fire damage. In Nevada, there are over 2,000 reported structure fires every year. Over 25% of the total calls fire departments in the state receive are because of buildings burning.

The longer the blaze burns, the worse the fire damage in your Carson City home can get. The first thing to do once you see flames on your property is to attempt to extinguish them yourself before the problems get out of hand. If the inferno becomes more than you can handle, make sure everyone is safe and then call your local emergency services. Once the blaze gets put out, it is then wise to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO.

In some situations, your building materials and contents could be covered in soot or burnt on the surface, but using the right tools our SERVPRO team can save certain items. When cleaning and refinishing, we use the following five tools of the trade.

1. Dry Ice Blasting
Using dry ice can be very effective in removing soot and charred substances from many different materials such as wood, concrete, and metal.

2. Soda Blasting
This method uses baking soda and not only can be used to clean many types of surfaces, but the baking soda helps absorb odors.

3. Sanding
When restoring some wooden materials inside your structure, we can sand off the burnt material and save the item.

4. Wet Cleaning
If we ever clean hard, non-porous surfaces, we usually receive good results when using water-based detergents and a damp rag.

5. Dry Sponge Cleaning
For surfaces that are porous, wet cleaning could soak the soot and burnt materials into the item making the problems worse. Dry cleaning can be useful and prevents secondary soaking issues.

If you ever suffer from a structure fire on your Stateline, Minden, or Zephyr Cove property, call SERVPRO of Carson City / Douglas County / South Lake Tahoe at (775) 588-2355 any time of the day, because We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Carson City Home Overrun By Catastrophe? SERVPRO Can Help With Remediation

7/18/2019 (Permalink)

Let SERVPRO assist you in any disaster recovery situation.

How Our SERVPRO Personnel Recovers Disasters for Carson City Residents

With so many of our service area rooted in various facets of the entertainment industry, we know how important it is to get businesses and even area homes up and running normally again quickly. With the high volume of residents in Carson City alone, our SERVPRO professionals must stay prepared continuously for the main divisions of the restoration work that we do: water, fire, mold, water, and storm loss incidents. With an ability to mobilize quickly in a crisis, we can reach damaged properties fast to showcase the full measure of our elite training, our growing inventory of advanced equipment and products, and the compassion and empathy of our technicians on the job. 


In every possible sense of the word, the recovery of fire damage in Carson City is about efficiency. There is no chance for wasted opportunities, resources, and talent when attempting to restore a property to preloss condition. That is why our entire SERVPRO team works to get the damage assessment and preliminary steps handled immediately upon our arrival, so there is no delay in vital mitigation and restoration work to follow. We even have our estimator on the phone within minutes of working in your home to determine precisely what your insurance provider needs to approve a damage claim so we can begin. 

In an area prone and susceptible to wildfires, certain precautions must always be in the forefront of the minds of Carson City residents and those in the other booming areas served like Lake Tahoe or the rest of Douglas County. Even in the situations of wildfires, our professionals are a trusted hand to help overcome the effects and get your property back to looking its best. We are recipients of the Storm Trooper Award, recognizing our vital role in the recovery of northern California fires in recent years. 

Fires are never single symptom situations, either. Overcoming these damages to your Carson City property requires recovery on multiple fronts happening simultaneously including soot and smoke residue removal, air duct cleaning, air quality purification, odor removal, controlled demolition, and more. 


There is no mistaking the severity of mold damage in Carson City homes, as the organism can quickly spread throughout a property and become a hazardous situation for those involved. Even beyond the family occupying the residence, pets on the property can also become adversely affected by exposure to active colonization. Our SERVPRO professionals can offer a fast and confident response for these situations, helping our customers to get their homes back to their original condition and their lives back to normal as well. 

With many more significant properties in the Carson City area, it can be easy for mold growth to get overlooked in less trafficked areas like attics or even crawlspaces beneath the main floor of the house. Either of these scenarios presents a substantial risk, as both do not get addressed until the spread of the organism has begun to affect a more heavily used area of the home. While proper ventilation and air circulation can often address many of these issues before they become a widespread damaging presence, this is typically a long-term solution installed after the fact. 

Our entire team benefits from pooling our talents and our expertise together to help homeowners in Carson City through the traumatic mold growth scenarios. It’s a “WE” thing, and it shows in the way that we handle every facet of mold recovery, colony elimination, and home restoration. We even have a full-service construction team that can help in both controlled demolition and reconstruction efforts, ensuring that no customer ever waits on secondary contractors or construction teams. 


With both the frequency of water damage to Carson City properties, our professionals must actively remain prepared to mobilize quickly when we get these calls. We have an entire Green Fleet of service vehicles that stay stocked with the leading equipment for extraction and drying, tools that can help to begin reducing damage on multiple loss situations even unrelated to water. With water loss emergencies, time is of the essence, and the severity of the circumstance can get determined officially in a matter of hours. 

We have invested in the top equipment available through our parental SERVPRO company to become leading professionals in the area for water loss recovery. With truck-mount shaft-driven pumps and an inventory of hundreds of air movers and dehumidification units, we can confidently address any loss scenario. This same dedication to our Carson City customers and their homes helped us to stand out among a business directorship of more than 100 companies in our area to become the Flying with Eagles recipient in 2018. 

We seek to offer our Carson City customers experienced and well-trained professionals as well, and that is why our entire recovery division has accreditations as Water Restoration Technicians (WRT), many of which also have secondary training in Applied Structural Drying (ASD), through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC.)  


Our area is one that receives a wide berth of damaging weather systems in every season of the year, making our response to storm damage in Carson City critical for our customers. From hard rains and gale-force winds to several feet of snow in the higher elevated areas during inevitable intense storms, our SERVPRO team has to stay prepared for all of what might happen. We have fitted our service vehicles with the appropriate equipment and tires to make harsh weather a situation that cannot stop us from reaching our customers in need. 

We know how damaging some of these weather events can become for Carson City homes, and we have a full-service reconstruction and contracting division to help. With many specific niches from plumbing and electrical repair through full-scale new construction, we have experienced personnel with years in the building trades to perform emergency solutions and final high-quality results. 

We have IICRC-Certified technicians accredited in every facet of the restoration industry, helping us to provide an experienced and confident response for every Carson City home and business affected by adverse weather conditions. We also have the backing of our Large Loss Recovery Team, which ensures that no situation is too substantial for our professionals to handle successfully. 

If you want to make loss incidents “Like it never even happened,” trust the experience and leading equipment of our SERVPRO of Carson City / Douglas County / South Lake Tahoe team. Give us a call anytime at (775) 588-2355.

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A Fallen Tree Can Cause Trouble For Your South Lake Tahoe Home

7/3/2019 (Permalink)

Give us a call whenever disaster strikes at (775) 588-2355.

How Fallen Trees Can Mean Flood Damage In South Lake Tahoe

Severe weather systems can affect South Lake Tahoe homes and businesses through every season of the year. From torrential rainfall and flooding scenarios that occur during the spring and summer months to the heavy snowfall expected every fall and winter, homeowners must always have a contingency plan in place to protect their property from standing water threats that a compromised exterior to their home can allow. Every season also presents its own unique risks for fallen trees and breaking limbs, and these can lead to disastrous circumstances for properties they affect.

Trees that fall or lose limbs can puncture roofs and tear off siding, leading to flood damage in South Lake Tahoe residences. With the severity of these situations as they occur, flooding can often start immediately without giving homeowners any legitimate warning. At the first sign of problems like this, property owners should reach out to our SERVPRO rapid response team. We have a full-service approach to these emergencies, working to address structural concerns, tree removal, and the harsh effects of flooding within the property as well.

While our team can quickly provide temporary construction solutions like board up and tarping for structural compromise allowing water penetration, another hurdle present at the emergency is the tree that caused the damage. Our technicians and team members can work quickly to remove this threat against your property and work to remove it entirely from the premises when more favorable weather conditions exist.

Addressing the flood effects in your home must begin at the point of penetration, utilizing drying efforts in areas like the attic and upper floors of the property. Where water has collected, our SERVPRO team can utilize portable extraction equipment like wet-vacs with extraction wands and submersible pumps. We can run these tools on our generators if the tree damage also severed consistent power to the property.

There are many hazards present when fallen trees allow for flooding in a home. Let our SERVPRO of Carson City / Douglas County / South Lake Tahoe professionals help you through every phase of recovery with our experience and advanced equipment. Give us a call whenever disaster strikes at (775) 588-2355.

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How Ultrasonic Cleaning Plays A Crucial Role In Our Fire Damage Restoration Process In Carson City

6/24/2019 (Permalink)

Give our SERVPRO of Carson City / Douglas County / South Lake Tahoe rapid response team a call anytime at (775) 588-2355.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Fire Damaged Contents From Carson City Homes

We know that many fire loss situations claim large structural areas of Carson City homes, and these structural concerns alone can become pressing concerns for a homeowner. Another pressing concern homeowners must consider are their personal belongings. You have spent your life collecting your treasures and possessions, and now this collection of your finest things becomes at risk for fire effects, including soot and smoke residues that can collect on surfaces throughout the affected areas, even far beyond the ignition site.

We have an experienced SERVPRO contents department with advanced tools to help overcome fire damage in Carson City homes, specifically the effect that these disasters can have on the personal belongings of property owners. We continue to invest in this recovery department of our team, acquiring state-of-the-art equipment for advanced and thorough restoration such as the ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

These recovery solutions feature an advanced approach to cleaning soot, smoke residue, and other threats to your belongings. Items get submerged in the tank, and thousands of bubbles begin to break sediment and buildup from the surface. Vibrations through the tank help to improve the effectiveness of these bubbles cleaning the surfaces of the materials, and ensure the thorough recovery of these items before they go into a drying area.

These machines help our SERVPRO professionals to address cleanup and recovery of fire-damaged contents in an efficient manner, which can allow these same items to get to vital processes like deodorization and storage much more quickly.

Not all of the recovered belongings from your home are ideal for getting cleaned in these ultrasonic tanks, however. We have advanced cleaning products, chemical sponges, and other effective solutions to ensure that these items get the same treatment to prepare them for the reintegration into your restored property.

We always continue to grow and improve the restoration solutions we offer our customers. With tools like ultrasonic tanks, we can make fire loss incidents “Like it never even happened.” for the contents of your home. Give our SERVPRO of Carson City / Douglas County / South Lake Tahoe rapid response team a call anytime at (775) 588-2355.

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We Will Save Your Commercial Property In Carson City After A Fire Damage Incident

6/17/2019 (Permalink)

To resume normalcy faster after fire ruins a commercial building, call SERVPRO of Carson City / Douglas County / South Lake Tahoe to help.

Resources Can Help Improve Restoration Of Commercial Fire Damage In Carson City

Fire damage in a commercial center with multiple offices or other businesses creates major inconvenience by disrupting regular operations. Even if the fire does not affect every part of the building, the interdependency in such a facility means that the rest of the businesses operate at limited capacity or stop operating altogether. Restoring normalcy quickly is crucial, underlining the need to expedite the repair work and cleanup processes that follow such an incident. We offer professional fire restoration services for commercial centers in Carson City.
Issues affected access to damaged areas can delay commercial fire damage restoration in Carson City. Facilities such as theaters and conference halls or even parking garages have large wall surfaces or high ceilings, which present several problems unless restoration crews have the right equipment to ease access. Apart from regular ladders, our SERVPRO technicians use self-propelled man lifts, which not only facilitate access to high walls and ceilings but also ease our back-and-forth movements as we remove debris and clean up areas damaged by the fire.
Fire affects surfaces in different ways, including depositing layers of soot and other debris, as well as, charring the materials on the surfaces. Such areas require thorough cleaning, which in most cases includes mechanical abrasion to loosen the debris - a tedious process that can take substantial time. Our SERVPRO technicians use various types of scrubbing equipment, both manual and automated, to eliminate light and stubborn deposits. We also have pressure washers that simplify cleaning the soiled areas.
In addition to deposits left on surfaces, fires also lead to bad odors in the affected buildings. It is impossible to work or serve clients in such an environment. Efficient removal of fire debris and soils may require more than mechanical abrasion and plain water. Our SERVPRO technicians use professional cleaning agents that change the soils chemically easing removal. We might also incorporate heating to the cleaning process because heat speeds up chemical processes improving the overall outcome.
To resume normalcy faster after fire ruins a commercial building, call SERVPRO of Carson City / Douglas County / South Lake Tahoe to help. You can reach us at (775) 588-2355 any time. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Your Carson City Bakery Can Be Restored After A Flood By Our Crew Of Professionals

6/4/2019 (Permalink)

We work efficiently to get your bakery back in business as soon as possible with as little disruption as possible.

SERVPRO Can Help Preserve Your Carson City Bakery's Beautiful Hardwood Floors!

Heavy rainfall in Carson City can bring large amounts of flooding to your bakery business. Flood waters can disrupt your daily working schedule and can make it impossible for customers to access your store. It's important to contact professionals who can get your business back in working order.

Commercial flood damage in your Carson City bakery can result in ruined baking equipment and supplies, disrupting your daily baked goods production flow. Water can infiltrate the circuitry in your ovens, causing short circuits, and can ruin bags of sugar and flower you have stored. SERVPRO technicians are IICRC (The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified and can remove flood waters from your business and help dry your supplies and equipment. We can arrive at your business during times most convenient for you so that there is minimal disruption to your normal business flow.

Once our techs are on site, we can begin pumping out flood waters with the assistance of underwater pumps and industrial-grade wet vacs. We can then use air movers to pull moisture from your floors and walls, then use dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture in your bakery's air. This has the benefit of helping prevent mold formation in your dry baking supplies and can facilitate the drying of your supplies if they were exposed to water. The process can be done during your off hours or between rushes of business to avoid inconveniencing you more than necessary.

Additionally, we can help begin the drying process of your over and mixers. Electrical equipment can be unplugged to prevent hazards, and water can be removed from the interior of your equipment. We can set up additional dehumidifiers to remove moisture from electronics. An electronics restoration specialist should later be contacted.

If commercial flood damage is threatening your business' livelihood, then contact SERVPRO of Carson City / Douglas County / South Lake Tahoe at (775) 588-2355 for quick and efficient assistance. We work efficiently to get your bakery back in business as soon as possible with as little disruption as possible.

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Don’t Tackle Fire Damage Remediation in Your Carson City Business Alone

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let your hotel in Carson City get ruined by fire damage. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation help.

How Quickly Fire Effects Can Spread in Carson City Hotels

Hotels like the one you manage in Carson City is a vital component to the infrastructure of the entire area, helping tourism to continue to be as prevalent and steady as ever. With the massive structures that many of these accommodations are, a single disaster or emergency can spread over a broad area in a brief time. Incidents like fire loss offer multiple levels of damaging effects that can move far beyond the ignition point and can be a devastating force for multiple rooms in your hotel.

Structural concerns are most often the priority for addressing fire damage in your Carson City lodging. With experts with extensive training in fire and smoke damage restoration and recovery, as well as education in the modern approaches for deodorization and fire residue removal, our SERVPRO staff on site is knowledgeable and confident in work to get done. In most cases, containment of the effects is critical because even after extinguishment occurs, soot/smoke residues and carcinogens can continue to spread throughout the building.

Containment strategies for our SERVPRO professionals often come down to our advanced equipment like our hydroxyl generators, air scrubbers, and other physical barriers. Plastic sheeting can often be a literal hindrance for airborne particulates and contaminants from reaching other areas of the hotel. With these effects limited to a specific space, our contracting division can get to work on controlled demolition and fire debris removal.

One of the risks of fire effects in your area hotel is how easily certain conditions like harsh odors can pass through construction materials and structural elements. The longer that your business goes without the appropriate preventative actions like the use of hydroxyl and ozone machines, the more widespread and overwhelming these symptoms can become. A significant spread of these effects compromises not only your ability to offer rooms to potential guests but can affect your overall reputation with current customers.

Fire loss incidents can produce multiple damaging effects that can spread quickly through your hotel. Our SERVPRO of Carson City / Douglas County / South Lake Tahoe team can help. Give us a call anytime disaster strikes at (775) 588-2355.

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If A Pipe Bursts And Causes Damage To Your Carson City Store, Our Experts Can Help!

5/14/2019 (Permalink)

When damage strikes, never hesitate to reach out to SERVPRO of Carson City / Douglas County / South Lake Tahoe by dialing (775) 588-2355.

What You Can Do When A Pipe Bursts Over Your Carson City Sports Equipment Store

Owning a business can be difficult, but water damage can make it even more so. Water damage can hit your property through a variety of ways, but a burst pipe can leak gallons of water into your store by the minute. It is essential for you to turn off the water in your shop promptly. After turning off the water, the next step should be immediately calling for professional help. The sooner that you get professionals into your shop, the more likely it is for your store to be returned to its pre-damaged state.

The pipe running through the ceiling of your Carson City sports store caused water damage when it burst quite suddenly. Water rapidly poured down from the ceiling and soaked through the display running shoes and jerseys. In order to save your merchandise, and to ensure that the structure of your building cannot be compromised, it is essential to get help into your store immediately.

When you contact SERVPRO, our goal is always to get our Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration-certified technicians into your store as fast as possible. We understand how valuable your time is, which is why SERVPRO is always available to help you 24/7. We work around you so you can get your doors back open as soon as possible.

Our first task is to get your merchandise out of the store. We can pack up all undamaged merchandise and get it out of the way. Then, we can take inventory of the lost merchandise for your insurance claim.

Next, we need to get the standing water out of your store. As there are many carpeted sections in your store, we can use rover-mounted extractors to remove the water, along with wet/dry vacuums. Using the rover-mounted units allows SERVPRO to both remove water from the carpeting and dry it at the same time, thanks to the heating element inside of the device. Lastly, SERVPRO can set up devices designed to dry out the structure of your store, such as air movers, flood mats, and dehumidifiers. Once the job is done, we can return you store to you “Like it never even happened.”

When damage strikes, never hesitate to reach out to SERVPRO of Carson City / Douglas County / South Lake Tahoe by dialing (775) 588-2355. Whenever you need us, we're here for you.

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