Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage Finishing Touches--South Lake Tahoe

When a SERVPRO crew leaves a water-damaged home in South Lake Tahoe, the job must be 100% complete. After removing the water from the dishwasher overflow, the lingering odor is neutralized with a hydroxyl generator. This device chemically alters any odorous airborne compounds and is safe to use while people and pets are at home. "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage in a Carson City Home

The water leak soaked the carpeting and the structural elements of this staircase in a Carson City property. SERVPRO technicians can arrive quickly, move back the covering for drying and focus on salvaging the steps. We always try to restore, and not replace.

Water Damaged Ceiling in a Carson City Garage

Leakage from second-floor bathtub resulted in a very wetted ceiling in this Carson City garage. The failed tape seams of the panels indicate the extent of the water damage and the need to replace the panels while drying out the subfloor.

Stateline Plumbing and Water Damage

The water sprayed from the broken plumbing in this Stateline second story home. Demolition of the crumbling and sagging drywall ceiling was needed. Our SERVPRO techs neatly cleaned up the debris and set up drying equipment during this ongoing service.

Carson City Water Damage Drying Equipment

Water damage in Carson City can require specialized equipment and sometimes lots of it. SERVPRO of Carson City / Douglas County / South Lake Tahoe has the right equipment on hand and ready to send to your emergency with professional staff to remediate your water damage.

Water Damage – Carson City Home

Water damage at this Carson City home resulted from a broken pipe. The flooring was saturated by the water and cleanup revealed that we would have to tear up the flooring to dry the subfloor. If you experience water damage from any source call the experts at SERVPRO of Carson City – Douglas County – South Lake Tahoe 24/7 at (775) 588-2355. We feature 24/7 emergency services.