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Why and What Can be Done About Mold Damage

6/26/2016 (Permalink)

Mold Damage Can Spread Quickly If Not Remediated Professionally

Quick Action is Crucial for Remediation Success

Many newer homes will have problems with mold more often than older homes will because of the newer construction guidelines calling for tighter construction of homes. This has occurred over the last two decades and has resulted in not only homes with more problems in air quality but also other buildings, such as universities and libraries. Having less of a seal in a building or home's construction allowed air to circulate more easily, and this alone would help keep mold growth at acceptable levels.

If you own a newer home or recently constructed commercial property in Stateline, mold damage can become problematic for you much more easily than it might have a few decades ago. Mold has not increased in population or strength, but the locations where mold can grow best have increased because of the latest developments in building technology. Better energy efficiency seems to have been gained, while the airing-out effect of looser construction appears to have been lost.

Mold Damage Affects Many Items Found Within Your Home or Business

Mold needs not only moisture to live and grow, but also materials to feed off of. These materials can be anything organic, such as wood or paper, microscopic components in brick, carpeting and upholstery, cotton and linen in clothing and bedding, and many other things found in and around your home or business. A mold infestation can begin with only a slight rise in moisture, and then quickly take over an area in your home. Soon, mold spores will become airborne and create mold colonies wherever they travel and find moisture. A leaky pipe or drain can be the source of moisture, as can a wet cloth used for cleaning furniture that was accidentally forgotten and left behind.

Mold Can Damage Your Home's Interior, Leading to Substantial Damage
Because mold can grow so quickly, often as rapidly as 48 to 72 hours, it is important that call our highly trained and experienced professionals to assess the damage right away.  They can not only reduce the moisture that has created the perfect environment for mold growth in the first place but are specially trained to remediate any mold present. Remediation is control of the environment and extraction of mold and its spores, so they are reduced in number substantially enough so that the problem is alleviated. When mold is left to thrive, it will do exactly that. It will begin to eat at the paperboard found in drywall, paneling surfaces, and anything else that seems durable. Rotting of structures in high mold areas can damage a home or business's interior structures quickly.

Call Us for an Appointment to Determine Your Mold Levels
If you have encountered discoloration of walls, textiles, such as draperies, carpets, and upholstery, or experienced a musty smell or odor, you should find out more about how mold remediation can help you. We have the equipment to assess quickly and determine mold levels and humidity percentages. Other equipment that we are certified in the use of will remove the mold itself and also remove any excess humidity and moisture that is being utilized by the mold. Make a call today to SERVPRO of Carson City, Douglas County, and South Lake Tahoe at (775) 588-2355 to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. 

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