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Heavy Rains Result in Water Damage in this Stateline Basement

The resulting flood of this Stateline basement led to a mold growth which compounded the damage caused directly by the water. Our SERVPRO water damage restorati... READ MORE

Carson City Storm and Water Damage to Hardwoods

The stormwater flowed into several lower level rooms of this home in Carson City. Fortunately, we were called in immediately to help with the flooding. Our SERV... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Carson City Home

The fire damage to this Carson City home was assumed to be a total loss. The homeowner and the insurance company adjuster both felt this would be a tear out and... READ MORE

Storms, Water, Damage, Our ERP and Restoration in Carson City

The water entered this home in Carson City and wetted the engineered wood flooring. Luckily, the homeowner immediately called us in; we had done previous work a... READ MORE

Furniture Store in Carson City and Water Intrusion

The fire suppressant system activated only for a few minutes before being shut-off. This limited, fortunately, the amount of water that landed on the corner off... READ MORE

Water Damage – Carson City Home

Water damage occurred at this Carson City home when a water pipe leak from the floor above. The water damage was so bad to the walls and ceiling that we had to ... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Carson City Bathroom

Mold damage at this Carson City home began with water finding it way behind the walls. Caulking had dried up allowing this to happen. Because the mold was not ... READ MORE

Flood Damage to Dollar Point Garage

Flood damage in this Dollar Point garage was the result of a worn out water heater and a broken, leaky air conditioning unit. The tenant in this rental home jus... READ MORE

Fire Damage – South Lake Tahoe Home

Fire damage to this South Lake Tahoe home’s kitchen left little unharmed. What wasn’t burnt beyond restoration capabilities was covered with smoke damage and fi... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Restoration in Carson City

A construction project underway at a Machine Shop in Carson City caught fire from a welder's torch.  The fire was extinguished fairly quickly, and for... READ MORE