Recent Before & After Photos

Mold from Faulty Plumbing in Carson City

The mold grew in this laundry closet because of a faulty joint in the PVC drain system. Moisture, when added to the cardboard of the drywall as a food source an... READ MORE

Fire & Smoke Issue in a Carson City Home

A fireplace in Carson City, when not maintained properly, can lead to the result as pictured in the before photo. A clogged flue resulted in a thick deposit of ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Carson City Hotel

Storm damage flooded a conference room at this Carson City Hotel. The management had the room book3ed for an event in five days, and it was covered with water. ... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Carson City Bathroom

Mold damage at this Carson City home began with water finding it way behind the walls. Caulking had dried up allowing this to happen. Because the mold was not ... READ MORE

Flood Damage to Dollar Point Garage

Flood damage in this Dollar Point garage was the result of a worn out water heater and a broken, leaky air conditioning unit. The tenant in this rental home jus... READ MORE

Water Damage – Tahoe City Hotel

Water damage to this Tahoe City hotel occurred in a storage area when a fire sprinkler feed line burst. You can see the extent of the standing water in the room... READ MORE

Fire Damage – South Lake Tahoe Home

Fire damage to this South Lake Tahoe home’s kitchen left little unharmed. What wasn’t burnt beyond restoration capabilities was covered with smoke damage and fi... READ MORE

Carson City Commercial Water Damage to a Beauty Sa

Water seeped around the beauty station cabinet bases when a water line coupling gave way. Technicians arrived to remove the water from this Carson City business... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Tahoe City Office Building

Storm Damage at this Tahoe City office building occurred during a severe thunderstorm. High winds coupled with driving rain breached the roof of the building af... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Restoration in Carson City

A construction project underway at a Machine Shop in Carson City caught fire from a welder's torch.  The fire was extinguished fairly quickly, and for... READ MORE